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"Nothing As It Seems is the second studio album from four-piece Melbourne band Torrential Thrill. Slightly more crisp production and what seems to be a greater focus on vocals makes this album a great follow up to 2015’s Mars. Torrential Thrill manage to create a dirty, fast and heavy beast. If you like your rock and roll served straight up, Nothing As It Seems is an album for you.

Nothing As It Seems showcases great versatility, something that can occasionally be lost on rock bands. But Torrential Thrill’s use of powerful vocals, clean and exciting solos and a hybrid hard rock and metal sound make them a band worth listening to. Not often do modern bands manage to twist classic sounds into something new and exciting, but that’s exactly what Torrential Thrill have done."

Words: Sarah Balderstone

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July 9, 2015

"​Hailing from Melbourne, Torrential Thrill pilot their Aussie pub rock assault straight to the heart of social awareness on their debut album MARS.

Musically Torrential Thrill are like a thinking person’s Airbourne, more reminiscent of The Choirboys than Rose Tattoo – there’s plenty of stomp and vigour, but also plenty of space in the tunes, rather than relentless riffing and in-your-face gregariousness."

Words: Shane

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“In a country dominated by a rising market of hard/metalcore bands who are absolutely dominating right now, it’s refreshing to catch a glimpse of other bands with different sounds making their mark on the heavy music world. Torrential Thrill are a band of misfits from Melbourne hellbent on making a positive change on the world and luckily for them, they’ve got the talent and backing to make this happen.

Known for their high energy and humorous live shows, the guys are about to embark on a much more serious path with the release of their new single/video; the title track from their latest album Nothing As It Seems.“

Words: Paul 'Browny' Brown, Wall of Sound

"The title track – Nothing As It Seems – is a ballad of someone who has just completely lost their way. There are so many stories of people with everything in front of them, that then get stuck in a system. They wake up one day and it’s all too late and everything has passed them by – their health, their family, their dreams, their happiness and it’s turned into a desperate mess.

The influence is heavily around the anti-corruption/bullying aspect, but there’s a side serve of “pull yourself together, get your head up and get the fuck out before it’s too late!”

Words: Chris Malcher

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Torrential Thrill's third single, and title track, from 2017's "Nothing As It Seems".

Featuring Beautiful Car Crash: The Podcast host Byron Moore as The Firm's new employee.

© Torrential Thrill 2018 & Jarrah Productions
Melbourne, Australia


“More Aussie than a Vegemite sandwich jammed into a Four and Twenty pie stuffed into a kangaroo’s pouch that’s standing on a surfboard in Bondi.“

Words: Byron Moore, Beautiful Car Crash: The Podcast

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"King of the Road" is the first single off TORRENTIAL THRILL's debut album 'MARS'.
Leaving Gravy at the end of the street!

TORRENTIAL THRILL pay homage to the Legendary Australian Icon, the mighty Valiant Charger.
From the Debut Album "MARS" © 2015

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