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Fueled by memories of 80's rock anthems - Inspired by Fast Hard Rock - TORRENTIAL THRILL features a line-up of solid rare-breed runaway guitar riffs, hard crunching vocals and punchy AF bass and drums! Currently touring Victoria to promote their full-length album, 'Nothing As It Seems', TT delivers a straight-up, no excuses, classic blend of Hard Rock! After 18 months of writing, TT recorded their second album 'Nothing As It Seems' on the green slopes of Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges at Basin Records (Matt D'Arcy).

Words: Torrential Thrill

In the past, your videos have been a full-on, rock ‘n roll experience with comedic elements that show off your fun side, does that reflect your live performance too?

"100%. A live show has to be engaging, entertaining and fun. We’re in it because we love it and there is no better feeling than connecting with the people out there listening to you. Our live show is evolving, a bit like our music videos, into something bigger and, hopefully, better for the punters each time we get up on stage.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons the Gunners were so great in the heyday of the early 90s, because you never knew if their live show was going to be the best show you would ever see, or if the wheels were going to fall off and the whole thing would come crashing down, as it literally did in some places around the world!

While we have a lot of fun up there and generate a natural energy that gets everyone to lift, we leave nothing on that stage and give everything to the max each time."

Words: Chris Malcher

Interview with Wall of Sound's Paul 'Browny' Brown

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Were there any songs from the MARS sessions that didn’t make it then, that have made it onto Nothing As It Seems?

Chris Malcher and I wrote a stack of songs when we played in an originals band about 10 years ago. One of the tracks, ‘Taking Over Me’ made it onto MARS – another ‘Wild Child’, made it onto Nothing…. We’re not really a recycle kind of band; if we have a riff or a hook or a concept worthy of something, we’re passionate to record we’ll work it through to try and find a way. We did have a few tracks which Chris literally re-wrote the lyrics for, during the recording session; these re-writes were based on a few things he was feeling or going through at the time.

Words: Steve Morrell

Interview with Overdrive Mag's Matt Maric

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