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About Us

Oh hey, it’s Torrential Thrill. Turn it up!

If you haven’t heard yet, TT just got a Burger named after them! How awesome is that!?
(Mum’s Burger Kitchen in Boronia – So Good – named a challenge burger after the band!)

Fueled by memories of 80’s rock anthems – Inspired by Fast Hard Rock – Torrential Thrill features a line-up of solid rare-breed runaway guitar riffs, hard crunching vocals and punchy AF bass and drums!

Currently touring Victoria to promote their 2nd full-length album, ‘Nothing As It Seems’, TT delivers a straight-up, no excuses, classic blend of Hard Rock!

The Band:
Front-man Chris on the mic
Steve slaying away on lead guitar
His brother, Matty pounding the drums
and Knoxy cranking out the bass

After 18 months of writing, TT recorded their second album ‘Nothing As It Seems’ on the green slopes of Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges at Basin Records (Matt D’Arcy).

Instagram/Twitter: @TheRealThrills

Stream and/or Buy our music via HELLFIRE Records Australia

e: booking@torrential.com

Exclusive Band Interview

CHRISLead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Chris and his one-of-a-kind crunching voice guide TT through the fog every time they hit the stage!
STEVELead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Steve Morrell leads the boys of TT through each song with his killer and catchy riffs.


Knoxy? That’s me! I mean, *clears throat* Knoxy (aka Steve Boyd) plays bass for the band. He is also Canadian. He also does his best to keep everything up-to-date on the website, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube pages… piece of piss, right?

Our Story

Like a B-Grade rollercoaster rocking and rolling around, this is edgy and dangerous!
It’s whiteknuckled while your eyes pop outta your head!
No one can hear you scream on this ride – you’re gonna feel it rattle your bones!
You’ve gotta be this tall to jump on board? Screw that!

Just grab on to something… anything… and hold on tight!

After more than 12 months writing and rehearsing their own material the band recorded their debut album, “Mars”, in just 12 days during December 2014 in the foothills of Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges at Basin Records (Matt Darcy).

Grab your tickets to “Mars” and enter at your own risk! It’s gonna be a helluva wild ride!

“Mars” was released independently on 6 April 2015

“[The video clip for King of the Road] More Aussie than a Vegemite sandwich jammed into a Four and Twenty pie stuffed into a kangaroo’s pouch that’s standing on a surfboard in Bondi.”


Behind The Scenes

Not too sure what I should write here. if you have any ideas, shoot me an e-mail: knox@torrentialthrill.com. Or send memes. I like memes too.

So does Matt.