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Order our latest album “Nothing As It Seems” direct from our label Hellfire Records Australia or pick it up, along with our debut album “MARS” at our next show!

Nothing As It Seems

Released – April Something 2017

A dirty, fast and heavy beast.” – Sarah Balderstone from AMNPLIFY

Recorded on the slippery slopes of the Dandenongs at Matt D’Arcy’s Basin Studios, “Nothing As It seems” is the 2nd Full-Length album from Melbourne’s Torrential Thrill.

Track Listing
1. Scream
2. Human Zoo
3. Hali Mary
4. Nothing As It Seems
5. Waking The Neighbours
6. Wild Child
7. Escape With Your Life
8. Not My President
9. Feel Like Dying
10. Through The Fire
11. No Pretender

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King Of The Road – Single

Sometime in 2015…

A rocking opener with an infectious chorus.” – Lee Kendrick from Uber Rock

Also known as ‘Charger’, this track was written, long ago, about ‘the one that got away’.
Lead guitarist Steven Morrell once had a Valiant Charger, but as they say, life happens…

Track Listing
1. King Of The Road

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Album Released – March or April 2015

The diverse collection of musical styles, interesting lyrics and a spiky attitude make ‘Mars’ an album that’s well worth investigating.” – Ant Heeks from Fireworks Magazine

Featuring a line up of solid rare-breed runaway guitar riffs, hard crunching vocals and a bass and drum so punchy it’ll have you reaching for the family portrait, the debut album “MARS” delivers a straight up no excuses classic blend of Hard Rock.

Track Listing
1. The Firm
2. Mars
3. Lucky Strike
4. Take Over Me
5. King Of The Road
6. Close Your Eyes
7. Lightning
8. Inner Demons
9. Need It To Fight
10. Why Diane
11. Menace In The Minor


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“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”